Ad Units & Specs

Unit Size Placement
Top Rectangle 300x250 Top of page
Half Page 300x600 Top of right-hand column
Interruptor 600x250 Between posts 3 & 4
Pushdown 970x415>970x90 Top of page, under header
Newsletter Half Page 300x600 Top of right-hand column
Newsletter Leaderboard 728x90 Newsletter footer
  • All rates are net of agency fees.
  • Sponsored posts, dedicated emails, and other custom elements also available.
  • For information on our listings products, visit Curbed Marketplace (property sales & rentals) or Eater Marketplace (restaurant jobs).

Web Specs

  • Maximum file size: 40K initial, 100K polite
  • clickTAG: For publisher-served SWF, you must add the following clickTag variable in the action of the button: getURL(clickTAG, "_blank"). Note: Depending on the structure of a Flash creative, it may be necessary to prepend _root. or _level0. to clickTAG, resulting in _root.clickTAG or _level0.clickTAG. For Adobe's clickTAG instruction, click here.
  • Flash version: Our server supports version 10.1 or lower and Action Script 2.0 or 3.0.
  • Animation: 5 loop, 90 second limit for all sizes.
  • Video: Autoplay allowed with audio muted. Prominent stop or mute button. Max frame rate of 24 FPS.
  • Audio: User-initiated on click, prominent stop or mute button
  • Expansion: Rectangle to 500x500, left and down; Pushdown to 970x415 or 970x418 (max 8 seconds), down; user-initiated on click or mouseover only. Expansion must contract on mouseout.
  • Materials due: Please allow two business days for creative testing and implementation.

Newsletter Specs

  • Units: 300x600 half page and 728x90 leaderboard.
  • Gif and Jpeg files only.
  • Custom dedicated opportunities available.